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Getting Ready for Abstracted Directions

I have ten days until the opening of my next exhibition. The show is titled Abstracted Directions and I have already published numerous statements about the multiple directions with which I am experimenting, all of which have been posted as recent blog posts. The show is at the premiere High Desert exhibition space; The Yucca Valley Visual and Performing Art Center, also known as the Joshua Tree Gallery of Contemporary Art (JTGOCA). Right now the main thing to communicate is the opening will be Saturday, Feb 25th from 6 to 8 pm. I want to attract many people to see my work. Some people have followed my many shows, but there are so many new folks who have moved to our high desert that I know a lot of people are not familiar with my work, let alone these new directions. So please come! If you can’t make the opening, you will have ample opportunities to do so, as the show is up for 3 months. At some point soon, we will also set up a lecture and/or panel, so look for that info on my FaceBook page, the GTGOCA website, or my website Down near the bottom of this website is my Exhibitions folder.

I have just a few photos to include as this announcement is posted. The first shots show the new works on my biggest studio tables. I am in the process of titling them and signing them all on the back. I am also including some detail photographs of the last work I just made specifically for the show. The next blog and FaceBook post will explain these newest black and white abstractions, how they are related to both music and the war in Ukraine. I know, that sounds like a strange mix, but check back and I’ll have written an explanation that is compelling about the connections and how the heck this combination evolved. I promise it will be entertaining.


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